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Please note, all of our adapters now comes with a life time guarntee.

Roloc Adapter to fit any angle grinder that has an 5/8 11 UNC threaded spindle.  This is an imperial thread used normally on grinders sold in America but some UK angle grinders come with this imperial thread.  If you require the metric version then see our other items.  If you are unsure what thread your grinder has then send us a picture with a ruler alongside your thread and we can confirm for you.

Designed and manufactured in the UK.
You will receive one adapter which is shown in picture Two.  No grinder or sanding disc included and are shown for illustration only.  The colour of the adapter may vary I.E.  could be red, green, black etc.  The colour has no impact on the strength of the adapter.
Angle grinder and sanding pad not included and shown for illustration only.
Adapter made from an industrial grade plastic.


This has been extensively tested and is much stronger than it requires to be. This is to ensure a long lasting product.  It is impossible to break in normal use.  There has been a very long field test in a garage environment along with us bench testing and running the adapter at 50,000rpm.

If you want to purchase this item and one of our other items I can apply a discount.  To do this do not purchase but add items to the Basket and then click on the option to “request total from seller” and I can apply a discount ranging from 5% to 25% depending on what you purchase.  For the most part it will be between 10% and 15% discount that I can apply.

Ships to UK mainland, Scottish Highlands and Northern Ireland only although if you contact us we can get quotes outside of these destinations.
We are able to design and make custom products and one offs if you require.  Feel free to contact us to discuss.  
Please see our other items.



Adapter Roloc Angle Grinder roll lock for 4" 4 1/2" and 5" inch with 5/8 spindle

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