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A thermoplastic elastomer with a hardness of 40D on the Shore scale which may be printed at speeds up to 45 mm/s. This rubber-like material can be extended up to 680% of its original dimensions. Moreover it has a high impact resistance at low temperatures and is resistant to abrasion and has a very good chemical resistance. All material properties allow the opportunity to use it in places that require frequent bending in gadgets, rubber parts of machines and jointing elements.


Filament net weight: 0.85 kg

Printing temperature: 200°C – 220°C

Bed temperature: 50°C – 70°C (not required when using the plates or any

additives that increase adhesion)

Diameter tolerance: +/- 0.02 mm

Roundness tolerance: + 0.01 mm

FIBERFLEX 40D Burgandy

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