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The material that can be used as a replacement for ABS. It may be printed as usual PLA and then annealed in a domestic oven giving it properties similar to ABS. This allows you to avoid all inconveniences associated with printing ABS: shrinkage, unpleasant smell and inhaling of hazardous fumes.

Additionally after annealing the material it is more impact and heat resistant.

Please check annealing instructions on our website

Raw materials used in the production of HD PLA are safe for food contact in accordance with European Union standards. HD PLA material is also compliant with the RoHS Directive.


Filament net weight:0.85 kg

Printing temperature:200°C – 220°C

Bed temperature:50°C – 70°C (not required when using the plates or any

additives that increase adhesion)

Diameter tolerance:+/- 0.02 mm

Roundness tolerance:+ 0.01 mm


HD PLA Old Gold

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