Single shot tray to fit Air Arms S310, S410, S510 and Galahad.  Choose the specific tray from the drop down for the Galahad as this tray is slightly longer.  The longer tray can be used in all the rifles S310, S410, S510 and the Galahad.

Unlock the laser beam accuracy of your Air Arms by using one of our single shot trays.  Our trays will allow pellets to be loaded with zero damage. 
The tray is 3D printed from an industrial grade of plastic.  It is hard wearing, Impact resistant, has a very high temperature threshold and is UV light resistant.  These are not printed from PLA which we do not believe has the correct mechanical properties for long term use.  PLA is brittle and will even go soft in a hot car so is not recommended.   
The tray locates in exactly the same way as the standard magazine and will click in very positively.
14 day cool of period in which you can return the tray no questions asked.  Effectively you can sample the tray without risk.  We also apply our 2 year warranty to these trays.    
Each tray is inspected before posting. 
We only offer the trays in black.  Other colours can be done but there would be a minimum order quantity of 6 trays to do this.
Ships to UK mainland, Scottish Highlands and Northern Ireland only although if you contact us we can get quotes outside of these destinations.
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Single Shot Tray Loader Magazine AA Air Arms Adapter S310 S410 S510 Galahad